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Services for Schools & Borrowers

Services for Schools

  • Basic Services

    Basic Services provide timely communications to share critical portfolio information.

    • Monthly Servicing Summary
      A snapshot of your borrowers serviced by MOHELA by repayment plan, loan status and your cohort default data. Information about borrowers in risk types by delinquency categories are also identified (i.e. how many borrowers 1-89 days delinquent have an invalid mailing address).
    • We also notify you if any of your borrowers are up for renewal on an Income-Driven Repayment plan within the next 30 days.
    • View a Sample Monthly Servicing Summary
    • Info Center Resources for Borrowers and Schools
      www.mohela.com/InfoCenter – Provides a variety of resources and services to share with students about ways to manage their loans.
    • School Relations Team At Financial Aid Conferences
      Offers a face-to-face opportunity to discuss how we’re assisting your borrowers. We also offer training and presentation capabilities. Stop by our booth for more information!
    • Connect with Us On Social Media
      @mohelaFAO - Delivers a dedicated forum for you to communicate with us and keep updated on what’s new in the student loan industry.
  • First-Class Services

    First-Class Services provide a greater level of detail regarding your portfolio and personal assistance regarding any questions you have.

    • Online Reporting
      Lets you dive deeper into your portfolio data and incorporate it into your default prevention efforts. Manage your portfolio using comprehensive online reports.
    • Online Portfolio Assistance Report
      Apply filters to your school’s portfolio report to fit your data needs and export the report in Excel, Comma Delimited (CSV) or PESC formats.
    • Online Borrower Account Access
      View borrowers’ accounts, contact information and loan detail.
    • Online Enrollment Verification
      Perform individual or multiple account updates to a student’s enrollment information as it changes. This update is to MOHELA’s system only and does not take the place of the school’s obligation to update the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). MOHELA is committed to providing enhanced tools to help schools proactively manage their portfolios. Our dedicated staff offers first-class service. Whether you need help pulling reports online, have a borrower with a question regarding their MOHELA account, or want to learn more about how we help borrowers successfully repay their loans, our School Relations team will do their utmost to ensure your needs are satisfied.
    • My Messages Online
      Send and receive secure messages via email with a MOHELA representative. An email will be sent advising you to login and retrieve any new messages.
    • FAO Hotline
      Quickly handle your day-to-day questions and receive expedited support when a borrower is on the phone. Call the hotline at 888.866.4353.
  • Learn About How MOHELA Gives Back…to Stakeholders, not Stockholders

    To date, MOHELA has contributed more than $400 million in programs and efforts designed
    to help ease the burden of financing higher education.

    We not only ensure borrowers have the information and tools to successfully repay their student loans, we contribute financial support to help students pursue higher education.

    • Contributed $245 million to higher education institutions
    • Funded $66 million in student scholarships
    • Provided commercial borrowers benefits through reduced interest rates and over $48 million in loan forgiveness
    • Donated over $15.2 million to the Missouri Scholarship and Loan Foundation to provide innovative products and services to help students, particularly those with insufficient financial resources, to prepare for, enter into and successfully complete higher education
    • Invested more than $30 million to provide first-class federal loan servicing

Services for Borrowers

Our Customer Promise
“MOHELA is committed to giving our customers a first-rate experience. To aid in repaying your student loans, we promise to listen, offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs and provide superior guidance as your dedicated resource expert.”

  • Borrower Communications

    MOHELA is dedicated to keeping borrowers informed about their account throughout the steps of their loan life cycle (in school, in grace and in repayment). We provide regular correspondence regarding changes on their account and any actions they may need to take during each step.

    Sample borrower communications in each step:

    • In School:
    • Welcome Letter
    • Welcome Email
    • Disbursement Notification Email
    • Loan Summary Email

    • In Grace:
    • Grace Month 2 Email
    • Grace Month 2 Email for Withdrawn Borrowers
    • What to Do Postcard for borrowers without valid emails
    • Repayment Obligation Letter
    • Grace Month 5 Email – Making Payments

    • In Repayment:
    • May Web Features Email
    • September Student Loan Benefits and Repayment Options Email

    Comprehensive delinquency communications are also implemented including a variety of successful targeted campaigns based on characteristics of the borrower to ensure high levels of delinquency resolution. We know that we can help borrowers find a customized long-term solution for their needs if we can simply reach the borrower.

  • Online Tools and Resources

    In addition to the first-rate experience and customized solutions, we are committed to providing our borrowers with a variety of online tools to help them manage their account:

    • Information about the Steps of the Student Loan Life Cycle
    • Repayment Evaluator – Compare repayment plans and the estimated monthly payment under each, and conveniently apply online for Income Driven Repayment Plans
    • Notifications - Payment reminders, payment receipt notices, and text messages if they forget to make a payment
    • Send Secure Messages with a Representative
    • Track the progress of their recently-submitted forms
    • Determine their payoff amount
    • Enroll in monthly Auto Debit and Go Paperless electronic correspondence
    • Info Center with information about military benefits, loan forgiveness programs, making payments, student loan interest, ways to prevent default and many additional resources and financial literacy tools

  • Specialized Teams

    We strive to achieve our Customer Promise through experienced loan servicing and customer service professionals. A variety of specialized teams carry through this promise when a higher level of research and service are required.

    • Customer Advocacy Team
      Maintains a high standard of customized service to escalated borrowers and is a resource to borrowers with particularly complicated situations. This highly-skilled group of professionals keeps customers updated with timely and frequent information about progress towards resolving their situation.
    • Repayment Assistance Department
      Targets outreach through email, letter, phone and unique direct mail campaigns to ensure delinquent borrowers understand that we are here to help them get into a successful repayment plan to fit their budget.
    • Servicemember and Veteran VIP Team
      The Servicemember and Veteran VIP Team have an extensive background in servicing military borrower accounts. They are effectively trained in all matters that pertain to servicing federal student loans, including military benefits and options. This unit has the authority to correspond interdepartmentally, as needed, to ensure our military borrowers are receiving the maximum benefits in accordance with federal guidelines.
    • MOHELA Ombudsman
      The MOHELA Ombudsman’s goal is to help borrowers successfully repay their student loans, resolve their account dispute or concerns in a timely manner and to provide them with excellent customer service.